YAHAnet's button slogans!

The YAHAnet student team designed this set of 4 buttons to hand out at the YAHAnet booth at the XVIII International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria.

500 buttons were given away during the week-long conference!

Wondering why we chose these 4 short phrases? Here's the explanation:

Start Something Great!
YAHAnet knows that you have great ideas and initiative to address HIV & AIDS issues through the arts.

SHOW IT: Show Your Message!
YAHAnet is a web-based platform for you to showcase your own art — as videos, images, or audio.

SPREAD IT: Spread The Word!
YAHAnet's online forum and workgroups give you the opportunity to discuss ideas and strategies that can then be spread to your community.

CHECK IT: Check YAHAnet.org Regularly!
YAHAnet allows you to get feedback on your ideas and artwork and keep up to date on what's happening with youth, HIV, and AIDS.

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