YAHAnet's "Wall of Hands" from AIDS 2010 in Vienna, Austria!


Below you will find an interactive photo wall made up of all the hand photos with messages that were created at the YAHAnet booth in the Global Village at AIDS 2010 from July 18–22, 2010!

Hand wall viewing tips:
- Use either the left and right arrow buttons or the slider button at the bottom to scroll along the wall
- Click on the icon in the bottom right-hand corner for FULL SCREEN viewing
- Click on a specific photo to zoom in and find out the age, sex, and country of the participant(s)
- Photos are numbered from 1 to 233, so once you find your hand image, you can locate it more easily on the wall the next time

You will need Adobe Flash Player in order to see the 3D photo wall above.
For a non-Flash option, click here and then select 'Slideshow' from the top menu.

More about the hands activity

For 5 days at the YAHAnet booth, visitors and conference delegates came by and helped the Wall of Hands grow and grow!

The hands activity involved addressing feelings and ideas around "youth rights to expression" in the context of sexuality and HIV & AIDS. The activity closely followed the AIDS 2010 theme of "Rights Here, Right Now".

First, a participant decided on a way to arrange/display his or her hands in a meaningful way. Second, the photo of the hands was taken and immediately printed out. And third, the participant wrote a message on his or her photo about the activity's theme...or simply 'rights to expression' if he or she no longer identified as a young person.

The poster on the left – explaining the activity – was displayed at the booth. Click to enlarge.

Some cool facts about the "Wall of Hands"!

  • 233 images make up the wall
  • 83 different countries/territories are represented
  • Age of participants ranged from 3 1/2 weeks to 71 years old
  • A high number of young people in their 20s participated

Here you can see the original Wall of Hands at the YAHAnet booth

The Wall of Hands is now being promoted on the following websites:

If you would like to feature our photo wall on your website or blog, please send an e-mail to John at yahacoordinator[at]gmail[dot]com, and you will be sent the embed code!
Note: You may notice that a small number of the images in the interactive "Wall of Hands" gallery are edited. This was only done to remove people's names. We tried to minimize the effect by using colour-matching tools.

Don't forget to check out how the 'Wall of Hands' activity has progressed!

- 2011 Wall of Hands in Port Elizabeth, South Africa
- 2012 Wall of Hands in Washington, DC, USA


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