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Ronnie Shaw
Accra, Ghana/ Los Angeles, California
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Greetings! I founded The Sankofa Center based on my UCLA African Studies M.A. exploration of culturally appropriate forms of HIV interventions in developing nations, specifically Africa. Our program uses artistic expression, African dance and drama- fused with health information- in the creation of scenarios that highlight interconnected issues affecting HIV transmissions in Africa such as poverty, gender roles in traditional society, misinformation, stigma, discrimination, phobic-hate, and lack of access to resources. We tour village to village staging these dance-drama tours in schools and village community spaces to help people understand how these issues affect infections to reduce risks as well as present health facts. Our goal is to foster an environment of compassion, understanding, and open-mindedness, not blame. During our tours we provide free rapid HIV/AIDS testing with links to treatment. I've designed a line fairtrade products to finance HIV/AIDS medications for the people we test who are positive to provide real hope for our outreach communities. Come and join me on our program in Ghana with interns from around the globe! We have 3 different intern focuses: artistic interns, medical interns, and public health/social work interns. I love dance, drama, creative design, expression and inner growth! Be sure to "like" my org page on facebook:

For each person who "likes" us on facebook, a patient in our outreach in Ghana will receive FREE condom supplies!!!! Help us condomize Ghana by just "liking" us... and tell your friends too :)