"Take Art, Be Open Often": YAHAnet's TABOO Campaign

For World AIDS Day 2010, YAHAnet ran a photo awareness campaign. Look through the 33 campaign photos below and share your experiences, ideas, and critiques by adding a comment under as many images as you like!

December 31, 2010 — last day of the campaign

On the final day of the TABOO campaign and on the last day of 2010, it is time for each of us to make
some resolutions for the new year: (1) Let us never "walk by" someone in need of medication, support,
and love; (2) Let us take the director's chair and plan and start more creative and effective HIV & AIDS
awareness and education initiatives; and (3) Let us financially support or seek funding for youth centres
focused on HIV & AIDS – like the one being built here in rural Namibia. (images from www.itvwales.
wordpress.com, www.positivenation.co.uk, and www.greginnamibia.blogspot.com)

Click on the thumbnails below to view full images from previous days and to comment on and discuss
the images. (Comments definitely include asking questions inspired by certain photos.)


What Was the TABOO Campaign?

YAHAnet's TABOO Campaign ran for the entire month of December 2010, and 33 inspiring images were posted in total. The goal of this photo campaign was to openly share  photos from the amazing projects, services, events, competitions, etc. out there and to openly talk  with each other about how we can incorporate new ideas into our current HIV & AIDS awareness efforts as well as help other youth start their own awareness initiatives. Whether we are negative or positive, we continually need to stand together and use positivity to eliminate negativity, as the TABOO campaign logo shows.

To participate in the campaign, there were 3 easy steps:


Send us photos that you think will start much-needed discussion on the topic of HIV & AIDS. You can either send us your own photos from a project/program that you are involved in or from an initiative that you have discovered online. If you want to send us a photo that you did not personally take, please send us a link to the webpage on which it appears so that we can give proper credit. You can email your photos or photo links to John at yahacoordinator[at]gmail[dot]com. You are welcome to send as many photos as you like but please remember that we will only be posting one image per day.


Talk about the photos by offering your thoughts on each daily image at the bottom of this page. Say how the photo inspires you or doesn't inspire you. You will also be able to comment on past images by clicking on the photo thumbnails beneath the current daily image.


Spread the word about YAHAnet's TABOO Campaign on Facebook, on Twitter, on your personal blog, and beyond!


Talking about sex

Talking about sex is vital to raise awareness and shift atdueitts. Together with good information talking about these issues can help de-mystify these things and help us see that behaving in risky ways doesn't make us more cool making responsible decisions does.

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