TABOO Campaign photo archive - Dec. 29

Two members of the Romanian Anti-Aids Association's youth drama club for HIV & AIDS prevention
and awareness. The students in this club come from different local high schools in Bucharest and
usually perform scenes once every 2 or 3 weeks at a local high school, drug centre, or orphanage
about the importance of thinking through sexual choices and being aware of sexually transmitted
diseases. 16-year-old Sorin explained why she joined the club: "I like doing this because I like to
meet new people. I like to be able to talk about this subject because it is something that is not
supposed to be talked about but that we all need to know about." Ana, aged 18, described how
her parents felt about her joining the club: "They said that I did not need to know about this stuff,
but they are happy now because I know things I need to know, but things that they would not have
told me." (image and description taken from

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