TABOO Campaign photo archive - Dec. 26

Photo of one of the young members of the Burundi Hairdressers Solidarity in Bujumbura, Burundi.
BHS is an innovative youth group mainly comprised of former child soldiers that has set up a hair-
dressing business that incorporates HIV & AIDS awareness into daily interactions with clients and
the community. The innovative group has spread to other major cities in Burundi (Gitega, Ngozi,
and Bururi) where they have trained over 120 young men on hairdressing, HIV & AIDS, and peace-
ful conflict resolution. They are planning to assist in setting up an all-girls hairdressers' initiative and
a children's welfare project in addition to diversifying their business. (image and description taken

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How do people react to

How do people react to getting information about HIV/AIDS while they get their hair cut? Do most people actually listen or do they not want to hear it? Do they usually know before they come that you all talk about HIV/AIDS? Are you allowed to give out condoms? This sounds like a great program, keep up the good work!

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