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Sexual Jeopardy Game John AIDS, Canada, games, HIV, jeopardy, sex education, Sexual Health, Teen Talk
HIV Facts Jeopardy Game John AIDS, burkina faso, games, HIV, jeopardy, peace corps, sex education, Sexual Health
“My story”—HIV positive adolescents tell their story through film admin adolescents, coping, digital storytelling, film, HIV, hiv positive, narrative therapy
Of Drama, Dreams and Desire: Creative Approaches to Applied Sex Education in Southern Africa John creativity, drama, masculinity, sex education, sexual health interventions, Sexuality, southern africa, Youth
Performance as a Component of HIV/AIDS Education: Process and Collaboration for Empowerment and Discussion John AIDS, Asetena Pa, empowerment, Ghana, HIV, HIV education, PACED, Performance, performing arts
Picture Booklet to Address HIV/AIDS Related Stigma & Discrimination John AIDS, discrimination, drawing, Emmanuel Hospital Association, HIV, India, Manipur, Nossal Institute for Global Health, picture booklet, picture interpretation, Project ORCHID, stigma, visual communication, visual representation
Improving Communication about the Uncertainty of Clinical Trial Outcomes: Using the Collaborative Production of Song to Facilitate Dialogues between Communities and Clinical Staff about the Risks and Benefits of Research in Johannesburg John clinical staff, clinical trials, Johannesburg, Kwaito, Music, South Africa, Sussex University, Witwaterstrand University
Struggling with growing bodies within silence and denial: Perspectives of HIV and AIDS among youth in Rural Zimbabwe John adolescents, misconceptions, qualitative methods, reproductive health, rural, school, school youth, sex education, Sexual Health, Sexuality, social change, southern africa, Zimbabwe
Using concept mapping to explore why patients become lost to follow up from an antiretroviral therapy program in the Zomba District of Malawi John AIDS, antiretroviral therapy, concept mapping, HIV, Malawi, rural, visual methodologies, visual representation, Zomba
Research Snapshot: Using the Internet to Help HIV Positive Youth John AIDS, Canada, ehealth, HIV, HIV Positive Youth, Internet, living with HIV, Sarah Flicker, York University