Contexts of Risk: A Photo-Voice Study of Haitian Youth Perceptions of Their HIV Risk (2016)


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Although Haitian youth are considered among the most affected by the HIV epidemic, little is known about their perceptions and experiences with HIV/AIDS. We sought to elucidate those factors within the social context that impact young people’s perceptions and knowledge of HIV prevention, transmission, and risk. Using data collected from youth in Haiti, the study employed a photo-voice methodology to identify factors in the social environment that create barriers to HIV risk-reducing behaviors.

Young people identified a complex array of contextual factors that they perceived to influence their HIV risk. They include the dominant masculinities and femininities that shape their sexual practices, the environmental and socioeconomic conditions in the IDP camps, gender inequality, and lack of social networks and youth-friendly healthcare services that support behavior change. There is an urgent need for community-based organizations and health care facilities aimed at protecting the wellbeing of Haitian youth and increasing their understanding of their sexual and reproductive health.

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