Discussing youth engagement on the radio!

By Deveney and Beya, YAHAnet interns

On Tuesday, February 5th, YAHAnet hosted CKUT Radio's "Health on Earth" show, focusing on participatory/arts-based approaches to addressing HIV/AIDS and getting youth involved in building healthier communities.

Listen to the full 30-minute show

Overall, preparing and taking part in the radio show was an enjoyable experience, though it was not without its stressful moments! Finding radio panelists with the rest of the YAHAnet intern team for a live evening discussion was quite challenging, especially since we had some last-minute cancellations. Thankfully, it all worked out in the end, and we are really happy that John Murray, our coordinator, was there to step in.

Between John (CrowdOutAIDS), Rachard Boz (Role Models), and Ian Bradley-Perrin (AIDS Community Care Montreal and ARTSIDA5), we had three panelists with very different backgrounds, which made for a very lively and informative panel discussion. We worked hard when creating the questions to ensure that they would be relevant to a constantly changing panel. But the final panelists gave us really interesting information to work with, making it easy to adapt our questions to the discussion so it flowed nicely.

For both of us, it was our first time being live on the radio. We were both a bundle of nerves before the show, worrying about accents, timing, and stumbling over our words. However, Adriana from "Health on Earth", who did the teching for the show, did a great job of explaining the basic principles of radio shows, which was very helpful in answering all of our questions and calming our nerves!

There were some funny and slightly awkward moments like when Beya, instead of subtly saying, "We are going to take a little break", simply said, "Ok, here is some advertising", or the long pause when we had to make the transition between the introduction and question-asking with only one seat and microphone to share between us. But these moments are to be expected on any live show!

Upon leaving the studio—in the glow of a successful radio show and all the high fives and "Good jobs!"—we both realized that being on the radio is not so bad, and actually quite fun! Whether we have the opportunity to speak on behalf of YAHAnet again on the radio or not, we both hope it will not be our last time on the air!

Deveney doing the introduction   Beya asking the panelists questions

The three panelists   

Check out YAHAnet's revised radio drama how-to and radio documentary how-to for instructions and inspiration for hosting a radio show in your community on HIV/AIDS issues!