Using condoms to create a timeline of AIDS symbols

The YAHAnet team recently created eight symbols from the last 30 years of the AIDS response out of condoms! We displayed them as an educational exhibition at McGill University accompanying our screening of short films on various HIV and AIDS issues.

Special thanks to The Shag Shop for always supporting our work and providing the condoms!

Click the images to read the captions.

Our design intern Emily created templates for building the symbols so that we didn't have to cut any condom packages to make the designs work.

These templates also allow for an interactive exhibition! You can hide a message on posterboard behind the taped condoms. However, do make sure to use double-sided tape that doesn't harm the packages. You can encourage visitors to your exhibition to reveal the message by pulling off and keeping the condoms. For this exhibition, we hid the year of each symbol behind the condoms.

Please feel free to use this technique for making your own condom symbols or mosaics for your community events.

Let us know if you have any questions, and please share this blog post with friends or organizations who you think would be interested in creating condom exhibitions to educate and mobilize on various sexual health and rights topics!