Three new members join our team!

Here they are, 3 new friendly faces to welcome to our intern team!

Our now 7-person team is ready for lots of youth outreach as well as planning some exciting online and offline collaborations in the next few months.

First off, the team is working hard to organize a radio panel in Montreal on February 5, 2013!

Beya Othmani
I am doing a BA at McGill University in Middle East Studies, Political Science, and Russian. I am Tunisian and Algerian. During the Arab Spring, I witnessed in Tunisia the effusion and the birth of hundreds of artists. My interest in engaged art grew further alongside with my interest in feminist art. I applied to be an intern at YAHAnet because I was very interested to see how art could also be used in the prevention and fight against HIV/AIDS.

Hannah Rackow
I am a fourth year student at McGill University studying International Development and Theatre as a double major. I love the arts—especially theatre, music, poetry, and visual art—but I'm especially inspired by art with a social agenda. Having worked a little bit with forum theatre, as well as with youth doing bicycle mechanics skills building, I have a really strong belief in engaging, tactile, and skill-building methods of tackling social issues, and I'm very excited to start using these means to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and activism! Outside of theatre and development, I love cycling and making music with friends. I'm very happy to be a part of the YAHAnet team!

Emily Nedwidek
I am a fourth-year McGill student majoring in Political Science with minors in Middle East Studies and International Relations. I am happy to be back with YAHAnet—this time to do research on HIV/AIDS in the Middle East while also working alongside the rest of the intern team! Through my background in design, acting, and film, I have seen firsthand how the arts are able to effectively engage and educate young people, and I am excited to be a part of YAHAnet's arts-based efforts to further the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Emily actually did a short graphic design internship with us in summer 2012, but now she joins us for a longer internship!

Meet the other team members!