Results of YAHAnet's 2010/2011 T-shirt Design Challenge!

Thanks to all participants in our 2010/2011 T-shirt Design Challenge!

Check out the top 4 designs in the YAHAnet Gallery!

WINNER: Amila Wensiri, Sri Lanka

2nd place: Ausrine Pasakarnyte, Lithuania

3rd & 4th place: Bonang Gasebonwe, Botswana


Voting Instructions:

We have selected 4 designs from the submissions that we received and would like you to decide who wins the challenge!

To help you in your voting, the theme for the challenge was the following:

What do you want to say about sexuality? What do you want to say about HIV & AIDS? What words would you wear close to your heart that you want others to feel that they can wear close to theirs?

Also, please keep in mind these criteria when voting:

    ✓ Creativity and originality
    ✓ Strength of the design to educate, motivate, and mobilize
    ✓ Relevance to sexuality and HIV & AIDS issues

Note: Here are some English meanings for "ayoba" used in Design B