Remembering the passion and commitment of those lost on Flight MH17

We still can’t believe that the passion, knowledge, and strong character of those aboard ‪#‎MH17‬ are no longer with us. Our thoughts are with the families of those lost and all others affected by this tragedy.

Street art installation by YEAH and the Melbourne Youth Force pays tribute to MH17 tragedy

We know from wonderful conversations and the making of new friends at the 2010 and 2012 International AIDS Conferences how close of a community we are all part of in our work to change attitudes and improve lives in the AIDS response.

We know that each and every attendee at the 2014 International AIDS Conference is up to the task of making this year’s conference a life-changing one.

By continuing to smile, by improving our knowledge and practices, by working harder to collaborate, and by building on the energy of the great leaders we have lost, we can step up the pace of the AIDS response into 2015 and beyond.

And this is what Joep, Jacqueline, Pim, Lucie, Maria Adriana, and Glenn would be happy to see.

In solidarity,

The YAHAnet team

Youth tributes: