Special look at the winners of our global student podcast competition!

Discover more about the creators behind the two winning podcasts from YAHAnet's Global Student Podcast Challenge for HIV Awareness and Prevention that ran from October to December 2011. You can find the top podcasts from the competition in the YAHAnet Audio Gallery.

Spotlight on the Media Advocates for Prevention team

*Winner of 15–18 age category*

- Listen to their podcast
- Meet the team
- Read podcast reflections
- Visit the MAP website


Spotlight on the Youth Consortium for Progress
(Tukeni Obasi and Sope Adegoke)

*Winner of 19–24 age category*

- Listen to the podcast
- Meet Tukeni and Sope
- Read YCP's podcast reflection
- Visit the YCP website


In addition to being featured here, the winning groups had their podcasts reach a wider audience through

1. CKUT Radio's Health on Earth program
2. The UN Youth Flash March 2012 newsletter

The winning groups were awarded $100 each to put towards their awareness campaigns and advocacy work.

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