Message for World AIDS Day 2009

Today – December 1, 2009 – is World AIDS Day.

Today marks the 21st anniversary of World AIDS Day.

There remains much to be done to ensure universal access to medication, to stop stigma, to increase peer education, and to raise awareness among all ages of people.

Please take a moment to look at a global summary of the AIDS epidemic as well as UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's message.

Even though Ban Ki-moon has delivered an important message, he has neglected to mention the impact youth can and will have in the struggle against HIV & AIDS in 2010 and the years beyond.

However, the YAHAnet team has great hope for 2010!

We believe that by putting youth in contact across the world who wouldn't normally have the chance to connect and talk to each other, strong new bonds will be formed.

Stigma and gender issues can be discussed in depth, creative and exciting awareness campaigns can be developed, and local and global events can be regularly organized.

Through the arts, YAHAnet members can bring important and necessary change to how HIV & AIDS is viewed and addressed.

On this World AIDS Day, The Religare Arts Initiative and UNAIDS have launched a project called "1: Art Against AIDS" which will involve discussions and exhibitions spread over a year that will promote awareness about AIDS and associated issues in India.

As members of YAHAnet, let us take inspiration from this project and use it to fuel our efforts over the next year!

Please spread the word about YAHAnet to all your friends and colleagues and start talking, connecting, and sharing!

Best regards,


John Murray
YAHAnet Project Coordinator