An Interactive Showcase of Student HIV Efforts at McGill University!

On March 21, 2012, YAHAnet hosted an exciting evening of activities, awareness, and entertainment at McGill University in MontrĂ©al, Canada, in collaboration with Dignitas Youth McGill, Friends of MSF McGill, and the McGill Shag Shop. Many thanks to those who attended and publicized the event, including CKUT Radio! Here are some photos and videos of the event for our members and supporters near and far who were unable to attend :) _______________________________________________________________________          From left to right: - The YAHAnet team set up our Wall of Hands activity (launched in Vienna, Austria) to collect hand images for a Montreal virtual wall (to be featured later in the summer on YAHAnet) and to showcase some of the photos we took in Vienna. Can you spot your hand image? - Friends of MSF McGill took photos of participants with their 'angry faces' after sharing facts about access to HIV and AIDS medications as part of their Angry Faces campaign. - Attendees were encouraged to get creative with Dignitas Youth McGill by designing a square for this awesome awareness quilt!          Lots of people really got engaged with the quilting activity! The center photo shows two YAHAnet team members watching MSF's video installation called Urban Survivors. We encourage you to check it out.          SauvĂ© Scholar Esmael Omar Njuguna (left) talked about his work on HIV and young people, including his new project to educate and provide for young sex workers in Narok, Kenya. John Murray (right), project coordinator at YAHAnet and policy drafting committee member for CrowdOutAIDS, talked about the initiative and his experience working with the drafting team. There was then a video discussion with Benedicte Kouassi, Folake Soetan, Medha Sharma, Tsoarelo Molapo, and Zahra Benyahia — 5 members of the CrowdOutAIDS Drafting Committee, ranging in age from 23 to 28, who have been working hard to develop a global strategy on HIV and young people to be implemented by UNAIDS! Launched in October 2011, the CrowdOutAIDS project connected over 5,000 young people through online/offline discussion forums and marks the first time the UN has used new media tools and crowdsourcing for participatory strategy development, with young people directly involved at every stage. Members of the Drafting Committee spoke about the CrowdOutAIDS process and the role of the arts and traditional/new media in HIV awareness and prevention campaigns at global, national, and community levels. Here are videos by the Drafting Committee members from Nepal (Medha) and Algeria (Zahra)!      Performances: The band Tsun Tset performed very entertaining sets during the second half of the evening. Click below to watch YAHAnet's slideshow of the event and see photos of the performers. And yes, that's right, the slideshow starts with a special appearance by the Shag Shop's own condom elephant! Right-click and 'save link/target as' if the video doesn't play. ~This feature, including the slideshow, was put together by YAHAnet intern Emily~ You can also check out what Dignitas Youth McGill wrote about the event!