From Amsterdam to Berlin

By John, YAHAnet Coordinator

We are back from our summer break! We've missed our daily social media interactions with old friends and the excitement of meeting new friends who share our passion for awareness and education.

During the break, I was travelling in Europe, and I now want to share two specific photos that I took on my trip.

The first is the window display of a small shop in Amsterdam. It was the 'Free Sex Education' sign that immediately caught my eye. It's a reminder to me that comprehensive youth-friendly sex education needs to be offered in many more school and community settings around the world. Not only must we push for sex ed programs that are free-of-charge, but we must 'free' sex education from its taboo positioning.

The second image is a hand mural along the East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall. It reminded me of the power of YAHAnet's Wall of Hands activity. Just as the fall of the Berlin Wall connected youth on either side so does the Wall of Hands activity connect young participants who have never met each other but who are interested in increasing education, building support, and changing policies around sexual health. Click for the fullsize image.

I look forward to the autumn and exciting new partnerships!

Talk soon.