Announcing the winners of our global student podcast contest!

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The YAHAnet team has finished judging all the podcasts, and the winners have been selected!

1st place in the 15–18 age category =
Youth Peer Advocates in the Media Advocates for Prevention program (New Orleans, Louisiana, United States)

1st place in the 19–24 age category =
Tukeni Obasi and the Youth Consortium for Progress (Gambia and International)

In January 2012, we will be doing a feature story (on our homepage) about the creators behind the winning podcasts and the advocacy work in which they are involved!

Also, from December 14–28, 2011, there will be open voting on the runner-up podcasts in order to determine the podcast that should receive the 'Honourable Mention'.

A big thank-you to all of you who submitted podcasts! You should be proud of your efforts, and we strongly encourage you to share your podcasts on your personal blogs or through Facebook/Twitter. With each month that passes before the XIX International AIDS Conference, let's make sure that we create a stronger and stronger tidal wave of inclusive discussion and new creative approaches to awareness barriers!

Finally, if you didn't know that we were running a global podcast contest, click here to find out more about it, including the judging criteria.

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Important Note: Remember that you can still create and submit podcasts on the AIDS 2012 theme of "turning the tide to reach zero". We will add them to our Audio Gallery! In particular, if you've taken part in an offline open forum for CrowdOutAIDS, you definitely have lots of ideas and strategies to explain in a podcast.