John's work on UN Drafting Committee to build youth HIV strategy!

In early January 2012, YAHAnet Coordinator John Murray was appointed to the UNAIDS-sponsored CrowdOutAIDS Drafting Committee!

With a team of 9 other youth activists from around the world, he began working on developing an innovative global youth strategy on HIV and AIDS from the online and offline input of more than 5,000 young people around the world!

Actually, it was the first crowdsourced strategy in the history of the United Nations!
(What is crowdsourcing?)

John was honoured to represent North America and Western Europe on the Drafting Committee.

The CrowdOutAIDS Drafting Committee was made up of youth from Algeria, Cote d'Ivoire, Lesotho, Nigeria, Nepal, China, Russia, Jamaica, Mexico, and Canada!

The final strategy document was released both online and offline in April 2012 (scroll down) after many conference calls, emails, Skype sessions, voting, and live drafting discussions.

Click on the blurb below to learn more about the 10 Committee members and to find their Twitter handles for connecting with them.

John hopes that you will get in touch with him on Twitter (@murray_je) with any questions about the strategy document, the process, or the ongoing outcomes. He is keen to ensure that the recommendations in this document are implemented by UNAIDS and will continue tweeting about youth involvement in HIV policy making around the world.

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Final strategy document:

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