How to make a photo campaign on sexual health!

This is a great way to collect photo messages on how to improve sex education and HIV policy and fight stigma.

Basic steps:

Step 1. Create a photo template that asks a question about sexual health and include blank boxes for people's answers.

Here are examples of two photo campaigns by YAHAnet:


Step 2. Share your photo template on your blog or website or social media account.

Step 3. Ask people to fill in the blanks with their answers.

Step 4. Ask people to share their photo message on social media using a hashtag.

Free online photo editor:

You can use PicMonkey to create a photo template with answer boxes (or overlays).

Once you are happy with your template, you can save it to your computer and then upload it to your blog, website, or social media account. Then you are ready to promote!

You can ask your campaign participants to download the photo template and then upload it to PicMonkey in order to type their answers in the blank boxes. They can then save their photo messages and share them on their own social media accounts.

PicMonkey tutorial:

Tips on using hashtags for your photo campaign:

"#Hashtag Activism: Tips on How to Leverage Social Media For Social Change"