Virtual exhibition of our AIDS 2012 'Wall of Hands' now up!

From July 22 to 27, 2012, YAHAnet ran an interactive booth (#633) in the Global Village of the XIX International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012). Chandra, Lukas, and John of the YAHAnet team met and had wonderful discussions with amazing youth leaders, activists, not-for-profit representatives, health researchers, and healthcare providers.

313 photos of visitors' hands were printed off and attached to clotheslines around the booth, with handwritten messages on the photos declaring what is needed to "take the LEAD to get to zero"!


Let's take a trip through a virtual exhibition!

If you were unable to visit the YAHAnet booth in Washington, D.C., take a quick look at the instructional poster for our hands photo activity before we start the tour. The theme for the hands activity ("Taking the LEAD to Get to Zero") directly relates to the UNAIDS 2011–2015 strategy.

We wanted to open the virtual exhibition on a universal note with two statements that sum up YAHAnet's mission.

(background image is of a graffiti wall in Minneapolis, USA; image found on Tumblr)

(background image is the cover of a UNAIDS' 2012 report launched at AIDS 2012)

- Download photo mosaic 1 (18 mb)
- Download photo mosaic 2 (20 mb)

The two photo mosaics above (created by the YAHAnet team using AndreaMosaic) are made up of all the scanned hand photo messages of the wonderful people who participated at the YAHAnet booth!

Let's continue on to see the hand photo messages up close!