Youth Community Dialogue mural on HIV/AIDS (South Africa)

This mural was one of the 9 murals painted on public walls after each of the Youth Community Dialogues on HIV/AIDS held in every province of South Africa in 2007 and funded by the Nelson Mandela Foundation. The murals broadcasted the solutions and commitments agreed upon in each dialogue session.

Here, a young artist is in the process of painting one of the murals.

HIV painting by Chinese orphans

This painting was created by a group of abandoned young Chinese orphans living with HIV.

(source: Elton John AIDS Foundation)

"Be on the right track" drawing

This postcard was created by a young person from Minnesota in the United States.

Taken from

"Orphans with HIV" photo poster project (South Africa)

In this project, Parisian photographer and street artist J R wanted to portray children living with HIV as heroes in order to combat stigma.

Check out more photos from the project.

J R's work was recently written about in this article in The New York Times.

AIDS graffiti by Misérables Tag (Senegal)

Photo credit: Bineta Diagne

"...a dozen young graffiti artists are composing a large wall painting along with slogans like 'health is priceless' or 'fight AIDS'. The young artists use slogans and images to incite curiosity. 'We’ve used images in order to reach out to the illiterate people as well', says Big Key, one of the graffiti artists and a member of the group known as 'Misérables Tag'. The image sometimes depicts 'a person thinking about how to cure his child from sickle-cell disease', he explains."

"We are committed to the fight against HIV/AIDS" (mural in Burkina Faso)

Here's a mural painted by students and teachers at a primary school in Burkina Faso in January 2012.

Find out more and see the students who were involved by going to

Condom Nation in New Jersey, USA

Young activists from Condom Nation hand out condoms at an AIDS awareness event in Ashbury Park, New Jersey.

Find out more about Condom Nation at

Photo credit: Charles Sykes/AP

(image taken from

High School HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (UK)

These two large AIDS ribbons were created by Year 9 students at Springfield School in Portsmouth, UK, in November 2011 at an HIV education event in coordination with HIV Education (HIVE) Southampton.

To each ribbon, students attached illustrations of the most memorable things they learned during the day-long event.

Find out more!

"Against HIV / Contra el SIDA"

Digitally manipulated photograph by Jesus David Contreras Avila

(image taken from TakingITGlobal's Global Gallery; shared under a Creative Commons licence)

Sharpie AIDS Awareness Ribbon by Rose Z

This is a piece of Sharpie art I drew using bright colors and some silver along the edges of the red ribbon:).. The lavender and purple is to represent both men and women fighting the illness. The flower is for comfort & joy and the cross is for faith.

Art for AIDS collage


"On 26–29 July [2011], North Star Alliance teamed up with Art for AIDS International to pilot a series of innovative visual-arts-based HIV workshops with truck drivers and sex workers in the community of Beitbridge, Zimbabwe, and students from ZIVA, in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Mural at Bessi Awum high school (Cameroon)

This mural was created by the younger students at Bessi Awum high school.

It all began like this!

Find out more about the World AIDS Day event at


Beautiful mural on a cricket pavilion in Rock Hall, Saint Lucy, Barbados

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