Obstacles to local-level AIDS competence in rural Zimbabwe: Putting HIV prevention in context

We explore the wider social context of an HIV-prevention programme in rural Zimbabwe. We make no comment on the programme itself, rather seeking to examine the wider community dynamics into which it was inserted, to highlight how pre-existing social dynamics may have influenced community ‘‘readiness’’ to derive optimal benefit from the intervention. Using the concept of ‘‘the AIDS competent community’’, we analysed 44 interviews and 11 focus groups with local people.

UNICEF and MTV’s HIV-focused documentary ‘Xpress’ wins award from World Media Festival

http://www.unicef.org/aids/index_43637.html A film that explores the issues of poverty, violence and gender roles in relation to HIV/AIDS. The documentary called ‘Xpress’ demonstrates that prevention campaigns can become powerful tools for tackling the epidemic when they take into account young people's intelligence, creativity and dreams for the future.

Linking African American Mothers Across Life Stage and Station Through Photovoice (2000)

In this pilot study, intergenerational contact was established between young homeless women and elderly independently housed women through photovoice. Over six months, five African American women discussed photographs they had taken that focused on their current living arrangements and activities. Although the women spanned three generations, had different life experiences, and resided in a variety of home settings, the sharing of photographs revealed many commonalities.
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