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A Hopeful Participatory Engagement with Rural South African Children


Cherrington, A. M. (2015). A hopeful participatory engagement with rural South African children. Educational Research for Social Change, 4(1), 40–54.


Having hope has been described as envisioning a future in which a person would like to
participate (Jevne, 2005). What hopeful futures do rural South African children, who live in
communities with high levels of poverty, and ravaged by HIV and AIDS and crime, envision?
Following a transformative paradigm, with the idea of carving a social justice path, I

Turning the Camera Back: A Photovoice Project With Ugandan Children Who Are Orphaned and Living With HIV

By Bonnie Fournier, Andrea Bridge, Judy Mill, Arif Alibhai, Andrea Pritchard Kennedy, and Joseph Konde-Lule

In SAGE Open, Vol. 4, No. 2 (April–June 2014) doi:10.1177/2158244014530997


Using Participatory Research and Action to Address the HIV-related Vulnerabilities of Adolescent Girls in Tanzania

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The International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) and Taasisi ya Maendeleo Shirikishi Arusha (TAMASHA), in collaboration with Pact Tanzania, developed a participatory research and action project (Vitu Newala) that aimed to both understand and respond to girls’ HIV-related vulnerabilities. The project was conducted in Newala, one of the least developed and poorly resourced districts of Tanzania.

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