Youth sexual health in Nunavut: A needs-based survey of knowledge, attitudes, and behaviour

Alternate link to the PDF Objectives This 2002 study [by Dr. Madeleine Cole, Baffin Regional Hospital, Nunavut, Canada] attempts to address the need for culturally specific data on beliefs and behaviours in order to design and implement appropriate public health interventions. The goal of the health promotion booklet that followed the study is to give youth a tool that will promote healthy choices and give non-judgmental information about sexuality.

Female Gazes: Seventy-five women artists [1997] Featuring accomplished women artists from various stylistic periods and from a range of communities, this work provides an introduction to their lives and examples of their work. Georgia O'Keeffe, Emily Carr, Bessie Harvey, Elizabeth Catlett and Yolande Lopez are among those featured.

Tied up in a rope of sand - TFD: Cultural action or development utility? [1998] World Neighbors (WN) work with Kolo and some twenty other villages in Mali, in an Integrated Development Programme encouraging small village-based self-help activities including market gardening and small trading schemes. These are underpinned by nutrition education and literacy training. With the support of OXFAM, the author initiated a Theatre For Development (TFD) programme.

The presentation of self in everyday life (1959) A study of human behavior in social situations and the way we appear to others. Dr. Goffman has employed as a framework the metaphor of theatrical performance. Discussions of social techniques are based upon detailed research and observation of social customs in many regions.

"The Art of Politics of Interpretation" in Handbook of Qualitative Research (1994) Intended as a comprehensive overview of qualitative research, crossing barriers of discipline, ideology, methodology, and culture, this volume presents information on strategies of inquiry, methods for handling empirical data, and the practices of interpretation, evaluation, and representation. It also addresses recent and forthcoming changes in the field, and seeks to position itself as a work in transition, representative of those changes.
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