Evaluation of the Kǫ̀ts’iìhtła ("We Light the Fire") Project: Building Resiliency and Connections Through Strengths-Based Creative Arts Programming for Indigenous Youth


Fanian, S., et al. (2015). Evaluation of the Kǫ̀ts’iìhtła ("We Light the Fire") Project: Building resiliency and connections through strengths-based creative arts programming for Indigenous youth. International Journal of Circumpolar Health, 74. doi:10.3402/ijch.v74.27672


Sexual Jeopardy Game

Here is a jeopardy game created by YAHAnet member Teen Talk!

The attached document includes questions and answers in different categories and at different levels of difficulty. The game pieces at the end of the document can be cut out.


Research Snapshot: Using the Internet to Help HIV Positive Youth

This document highlights the findings of a study by Sarah Flicker at York University in Canada. Click to see the full two pages.

(taken from

My Sex Life: Info for Young Poz People

"My Sex Life is written primarily by and for young people living with HIV (poz young people) who represent a range of sexualities and gender identities. HIV is stigmatized and this can make sex and life more complicated. It can be hard to find trusted information that affirms our sexual and romantic desires. This resource addresses that challenge.

ReCharge zine by Positive Youth Outreach

Created by the Positive Youth Outreach program of the AIDS Committee of Toronto, ReCharge is a zine by and for young people living with HIV.

Click below to virtually flip through the most recent issue and to check out previous issues dating back to 2007.

Connecting Youth with Youth: A Guide to Youth and HIV/AIDS-related Programs and Projects across Canada

Alternate link to the PDF

This guide prepared by the Canadian AIDS Society in 2004 is all about connecting youth, youth workers, and community-based organizations serving youth with each other to ensure that youth have the information and supports they need in their own communities on HIV/AIDS and related issues.

Positve Spaces magazine (AIDS Committee of York Region)

First issue (March 2011) of a new magazine produced by the AIDS Committee of York Region (ACYR) that showcases creative arts-based expression and awareness around HIV and AIDS. Check out the many personal stories, poems, paintings, and other artwork by youth associated with ACYR!

Protect Your P***Y, Cover Your C**K (pamphlet)

This pamphlet was prepared by the Youth Advisory Committee at the AIDS Committee of Durham Region in Ontario, Canada.

It covers the following topics:

  • What is HIV? (with resource list)
  • What is AIDS? (with resource list)
  • How long does it take to develop AIDS?
  • How is HIV transmitted?
  • HIV + body fluid
  • Testing
  • Do's and don'ts of condom use
  • High-risk activity
  • How can I tell if I've been infected?
  • What is safe sex?

Theatre-based peer education for youth: A powerful medium for HIV prevention, sexuality education and social change

This 2006 PhD thesis by Josephine MacIntosh from the University of Victoria, Canada, looks at the potential of theatre-in-education to create effective youth engagement around sexual health and HIV&AIDS issues.

Canadian Youth, Sexual Health, and AIDS Study (n.d.)

The following report presents the findings of a Canadian study on youth sexual health and HIV/AIDS. In partnership with Health Canada, the Countil of Ministers of Education developed the study to further the understanding of the factors that contribute to the sexuual health of adolescents by examining their socio-cultural, socio-environmental, and interpersonal determinants of sexual activity. Focusing on the context of sexual risk taking, this study is intended to improve sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention programs in the classroom and in community health settings.
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